Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – The Miller Wedding

Hey, everyone! I’m currently writing this post on a flight back home. We’ll have a layover in Los Angeles, and then back to Oregon. I’m definitely ready to be home. As fun as traveling is, I’m very much a homebody and love being able to sleep in my own bed. Plus, I miss my cats. This is my first travel blog post, and I’m so excited about it. I love traveling, and have dreamt up travel destinations all my life. While this isn’t a travel blog by any means, it is a lifestyle blog, which means you get glimpses into different aspects of my life.

This past week all my closest friends and I flew to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, my second time visiting the beautiful city. We went to celebrate the wedding of Dylan and Sierra, two of our close friends from high school. I’ve known the two of them since our freshman year, back where their relationship started in our first period Algebra 1 math class. Now they’re the Millers. Hooray!

We flew out last Thursday at 6am, and got to the Pueblo Bonito Rosé resort around 3pm. I’m proud to say I actually finished the book I brought to read, “A Love Letter Life” by Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. Normally this isn’t the case though. lol. (I plan on doing a blog post all on a round-up of some current reads so look out for that soon.) Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not great at doing nothing. I like being busy, so vacations, while great, can be a little too relaxing (I know — who says that?). I’m a self-diagnosed workaholic.

Can we all just have a moment of silence for the fact that I went five days without coffee? (I usually drink two-three cups a day for reference.)

That night, although exhausted, we all went out downtown. If you’ve never been out to the “night life” scene in Mexico, specifically in Cabo, you’re missing out. It’s a blast. If I could recommend any clubs, they’d be La Mandala and El Squid Roe. That night was the first time I’d experienced what VIP bottle service was like. Talk about a good time!

The actual wedding ceremony was on Saturday. It took place on the beach, right by the ocean. It was intimate and had everyone in tears. Everything was so elegantly simple, Dylan and Sierra read their own vows, and it was just all-around picturesque. I’m a big sucker for romance, and it exceeded all my expectations. It also made it extra special seeing two people who are so in love, and who have had such an impact on my life for nine years, finally say their “I do’s”.

We moved into a big celebration after filled with drinking, dancing, and speeches that made us all cry. People watched from their balconies as we all commemorated the newly-weds. Big shoutout to the Millers for throwing one of the most fun weddings I’ve been to.

Post-wedding, most everyone went home the following day, but the group I flew out with, including two of our close friends, stayed. We spent the next two days tanning (well, in my case burning), eating (a lot — it was all-inclusive), and visiting the marina. It was nice to do a whole lot of nothing. I can also say I’ve never had so many piña coladas in the span of a week in my life. I’m definitely not complaining though.

So now, I’m back on a plane, a little sleep-deprived, sunburnt, and elated with post-wedding/vacation bliss. It’s always hard getting back into the rhythm of life again, but I’m looking forward to returning to somewhat of a normal routine.

I have a lot of blog post ideas in the works, but if there’s anything you’re all *specifically* wanting to see, let me know in the comment section below! Thanks for returning to the blog, and don’t forget to check me out on my socials!

Yours truly, Clare


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